Nick Jr. Bingo

Nick Jr. Bingo

Nick Jr. Bingo is a beautiful bingo game for kids of different ages
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Nick Jr. Bingo is a beautiful bingo game for kids of different ages. The first thing to do is choose a chest, your name and a character to play with. The game includes three different bingo games: one with colors and shapes, other with colors and animals, and other with letters and numbers. In all games you have to make a bingo line in order to win the level. The character you choose will tell you what you need to find on your card and when you see it, you should click on it. You always play with another character who will also do the same and may win or not. As you progress in the game, you win tickets that you can later exchange for prizes in the store.
What is more, the game includes three difficulty levels for different skills and ages. This wonderful game will help the kids learn the colors, shapes, and numbers. It is also a good way of learning Spanish, since the characters tell a few phrases in that language.
Regarding the graphics, they are extremely colorful and attractive to get the attention of kids, and it also has nice sound effects and pleasant music.
In short, Nick Jr. Bingo is a nice bingo game for kids of different ages that will keep them entertained, while they also learn lots of things.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Three different games
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Educational


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